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Email & Digital Campaigns

Build Customer Relationships

Keep in Touch with your Customers

Email marketing is a powerful tool, it allows you to build relationships and nurture your leads, and engage with customers past and present.

It’s a great opportunity to speak directly to your customers, at a time that is convenient for them. Paired with the right messages, email marketing can become one of your most impactful digital marketing channels.

Dubsado Client Workflows
Hubspot CRM
Mailchimp email marketing
Google Analytics to track data

Data is the New Oil!

Data is the key element which drives your other marketing activities. Modern digital marketing focuses on three sub-strategies of Content, Channels and Data, all work together to form your overall digital strategy. 

Email Marketing Campaign

Mailchimp CRM

With MailChimp Customer Relationship Management, your customers are just a few clicks away. 

Client Onboarding

Automate the entire client onboarding process including ‘canned email’ responses, forms and contracts. Workflows designed around your sales process.

Newsletters & Digital Campaigns

Reach out to potential and existing customers with relevant content and offers through newsletters or digital campaigns

Key Benefits of Collecting Data

Cost effective form of digital marketing
Monthly digital campaigns to engage your audience
Deliver targeted messages
Build great customer relationships
Increase website traffic
Easy to get started and easy to measure
Reach an already engaged audience
Nurture your leads
Reach a global audience